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The 2nd VC Fund from IAN Platform

IAN Alpha Fund is an AIF Category II SEBI-registered Venture Capital Fund. The fund invests in innovative companies across sectors and is especially interested in those that have a positive impact on the environment and society. We specifically focus on founders’ execution capabilities.

Indian Angel Network is India’s first and premier early stage investing platform. IAN’s vision is to catalyse an investment of Rs. 5,000 crores in 500 companies, creating 5,00,000 jobs by 2030.

Aside from the Alpha Fund, IAN comprises an active Angel Investor Group with ~500 angel investors from 12 countries and an AIF Category II SEBI Registered Venture Capital Fund of Rs. 374 crores. The current portfolio comprises ~200 companies across 18 sectors.

IAN’s portfolio boasts of household names such as Spinny, Wow! Momo and WoodenStreet in the consumer economy, and Uniphore, Druva and Fareye on the B2B side. In addition, IAN has also backed ground breaking companies in Spacetech and Cleantech including Dhruva Space, and Zypp Mobility, all of which are trailblazers in their own industries.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the India story. We believe that we will see an unprecedented revolution as the economy goes into fast growth driven by technology and 5G networks, modern payment systems, digitalisation and, above all, a young and ambitious population that wants more.

IAN has been a central player in the startup revolution that has enthralled India over the last 15 years. In the process, IAN has seeded & bred companies worth a market valuation US $9 bn. Going forward, IAN Alpha Fund looks to build on this unique success by backing entrepreneurs who are solving real world problems and building businesses that have a technology DNA, innovation as their heartbeat and business models that have strong and scalable unit economics.

The M3 model- Money | Mentoring | Market Access is part of our DNA and its strength is validated by the extraordinarily low failure rates of IAN portfolio companies, both at the Angel stage as well as Fund.

Our Engagement Model

The IAN Alpha Fund recognizes that Founders need more than just funding to be able to win. The Fund creates a success ecosystem based upon our M3 Model:

Money: Funding from an inception stage to growth stage. The Fund will invest between $1m to $3m in emerging startups, many of which would have previously been supported by the IAN Angel Network with cheque sizes of between $100k to $1m.

Mentoring: Not only does the lead Partner join the Board of the company with a view to providing guidance and assistance wherever needed but also our highly engaged Investment Committee, comprising of seasoned entrepreneurs, works closely with Founders as and when required.

Market Access: Given the platform’s 2006 vintage, a vast web of relationships across the technology, investment and business ecosystem as well as the depth of connects available through our 500+ Angel network, the Alpha Fund team is well positioned to help accelerate growth through warm introductions for partnerships, alliances as well as to potential customers.

The M3 model is part of our DNA and its strength is validated by the extraordinarily low failure rates of IAN portfolio companies, both at an Angel stage as well as in the Fund business.